Regain control of your agency and freelancer spend for temporary and permanent positions. With our price setting machine learning marketplace.

Hospitals and care institutions face uncertainty around charging rates, leading to reactive cost spend spikes to meet demand. Our tools allow you to easily accommodate to any seasonal, daily or holiday fluctuations.

User Influenced Design

Our Agency Management platform has been designed with care institutions in mind. We consulted Medical Directors, Staff Managers, HR Directors, Doctors and Nurses during the design phase to ensure the software was built fit-for-purpose. 

The software is easy to implement and integrate into existing systems.  It is a clear and intuitive tool that forms the building block of our mission to ‘shift power back into the hands of hospitals and care institutions while making perm employment with them attractive again.

Our platform performs component analysis for dynamic pricing of agencies to hospitals and implements this within a predictive machine learning model. To enhance retainment and recruitment of permanent nurses & doctors, cutting the current high costs associated with agency recruitment.

Behind the application are algorithms that allow staff managers to post jobs with competitive prices. Our machine learning system works with hospital data to determine future availability, developing efficiency in your local market, and then access to our wider geographic variation information.

Reduce your agency spend

Revolutionise your recruitment

Benefit from integration with our ROTA system to further improve your operational efficiency.

Post the shifts and positions that you need to fill with just a few clicks all while making sure you stay within budget.

Most other tools only let you hire temporary staff or permanent staff alone, but ours lets you do both in one place, targeting all aspects of nurse and doctor recruitment with built in vendor management.

Our dashboard allows hospitals to easily see and understand staffing levels in their hospital by speciality, time, past or present. We also offer internal reporting and breakdowns to further support you.

Everything you need to find the right people for the right role and end your understaffing and agency reliance.

Trials have shown that with proper usage, our platform can help you reduce your temporary shift spending by over 25%

Our methods could lead to happier staff and thus better patient care.

A by product will be an increase your staff retention rate by 50% over 5 years

Temp and Perm recruitment done right


Expand your talent pool

Fill up your workforce with some of the best agents available

Save time

Avoid time consuming telephones , emails and negotiations. Find what you need with just a few clicks.

Increase care quality rating

Find in the people you need in order to give your patients the care they deserve

Simplified Hospital HR

Managing your hospital and care home has never been easier

Solve understaffing

Avoid an understaffing crisis and gain access to a new market of freelances and agency workers.

Cut down costs

Browse through the many agencies available to find the most convenient prices

Improve staff retention and morale

Filling your ranks is also beneficial for your staff and the pressure they bear on their shoulders.

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