At MedicBank, we’re solving the world’s most important problems with talented individuals who share our passion to change the world. Our culture is fast-paced, energetic and innovative. Headquartered in the London, Old Street area, we work to build an inclusive environment in which everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or background, can do their best work.

Meet Our Team

At MedicBank we work with some of the best and dedicated professionals around the world. 

Andrei Apostolescu

Product Manager

Andrei Toth

Human Resources

Harvey Edwards

Public Relations

Rurik Best

Account Manager

Stephen Reeves

Account Manager

Amine Daimallah

Front-End Engineer

Atiq Ur Rehman

Back-End Engineer

Nedialko Nedialkov

Strategy Advisor

Andrew Legon

Comms Advisor

Jamal Butt

Health Operations Advisor

Tawanda Kanyangarara

Technology Advisor

David Semmens

Finance Advisor

Andrew Isiakpere

CEO & Founder

Our Community

Our primary mission is to improve the quality of healthcare all over the world. This is why we do our best to solve highly important issues such us the understaffing crisis of the NHS and giving people access to top quality healthcare no matter in which part of the world they live. But for doing so we realise that building quality software is just one step to achieve our goal.

This is the reason we aim to create not only products that would benefit the healthcare system but also a global healthcare community based on values such as respect, diversity, inclusion care and hard work towards building a better tomorrow. If you think you would be a good fit for our community and want to find out more, join our community: The Waiting Room