Collaborative design workflow reinvented and simplified for healthcare

Manage your staff effectively

Fill your shifts with our ROTA system. Keep track of what shifts need to be filled and find the most suitable employees for the tasks at hand with little to no effort.

Feature packed

Our high performance ROTA System has many useful features for your workforce to ensure smooth day to day operations.  Some of these easy-to-use tools are:

Staff Sharing

Performance Overview

Agency management integration

Easy Shift Posting

Staff Requests Management

Ward Manager assignment

Simplified Administration

Enjoy paper free synchronisation with your staff with an overview of the status for your employees in real time, giving you the opportunity to allocate new tasks without any time consuming procedures.


Better healthcare is our primary goal. This is why we designed our tool to help and simplify the inner workings of hospitals and care institutions across the globe with key benefits such as:

Easy to use

Free Trial

Full Facility Management

Cut Costs

Less Paperwork

Increased Filled vs Unfilled Shifts Ratios

Empower and Engage Teams

Take care of your staff needs and requests no matter where you are.

Maximise Quality of Customer Service

Keep your patients happy and deliver them the care they need.

Advanced Grid System

Take advantage of a system that offers high flexibility and customisation

Optimise Staffing to Meet Demand

Fill your shifts and boost morale at a fast pace

Improve Operational Efficiency with Data

Avoid the dreadful paperwork and use an online management environment

Unlimited Support

In case of difficulties, our team is there to help you with any problem you may encounter


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