medical supply procurement marketplace

How it Works

The marketplace is a reverse auction platform for the sale of medical goods. Sellers bid on the prices set by buyers and can make a reverse bid in the form of a counter offer. Buyers select who they wish to purchase from and can then pay before, on or after delivery for inspected goods from the world’s leading independently certified manufacturers. For small orders, use our MOQ Partners feature to buy as a known or automated group to ensure you always have access to the market.

For a price that matches your budget, try the marketplace.

Buy immediately at a set price, for those times when speed of delivery and availability is your top concern. Or engage with the market, when you need a lower price.

If you are a public body, private healthcare provider, INGO or retailer please contact us with your exact requirements or use the platform. Based on credit risk, we may be able to offer payment terms. 

You can trade as Principal or through us, the choice is yours.

Verified sellers

All sellers are vetted by SGS, so you can rely on what you buy.

Risk-free purchases

Every sale is insured from start to finish, so you can buy in confidence.

A one stop shop

Every seller in one place, so you can compare and prioritise on speed, product or price.

Sell at set prices and let leads come to you.

Or proactively engage with the market to increase your buyers and sales.

If you are a manufacturer of certified products with a solid performance history, please contact us to arrange for independent inspection and verification to become an approved supplier.

If you are a broker trying to put a deal together(finance it), we are happy to pay you a commission for introducing a principal buyer of goods. Though please note: we don’t support unfair pricing, we are only able transact directly and we are trying to prioritise supply to the areas worst affected. 

No up-front costs to join

Sign up, get approved and start trading for no up-front fee. However this is subject to your existing verification documentation. There may be a fee if we'll need get SGS to verify you.

Save on marketing and salesforce spend

Find verified buyers all in one place, and start receiving convertible leads from day one.

Source raw materials

Use the platform to find raw material producers to aid your production line.

Control Your Medical Supply Spend

Behind the application are algorithms that allow buyers to post requests with competitive prices. Our system works with the data to determine the best suitable factories based on availability, location and price the engages and scores them.

Wholesale Covid-19 masks, gloves, test kits and more

Quality Guarantee

All manufacturers and goods are independently inspected by SGS before and on delivery.

Payment on/after Delivery

When trading as principal we accept full payment on or after delivery (credit/escrow) so your money is never at risk.  So we pay the manufacturer and logistics, and you pay us on delivery. Simple

No chains of Intermediaries

We trade as principal or 3rd party – 3rd party requiring buyer to finance transaction from start. 

Group Buy

Can’t meet the MOQ of a factory? No problem, either join an automated group order or select your MOQ partners for a group purchase on the platform.

Our Supply Chain Management platform has been designed with all the stakeholders affected by the Covid19 pandemic in mind. We consulted Purchase Managers, Care Homes, Vendors, Brokers and Factories during the design phase to ensure the software was built fit-for-purpose.

User Influenced Design

Why Choose Us

The Medical Supply Marketplace and our involvement in the supply of medical goods was initiated as a trust-mark for reliability, efficiency and fair-pricing for the wholesale of these items.

We are not a broker, we trade as principal (or as 3rd party if you can finance the transaction from the start). You pay on delivery once goods are inspected for quality and we never ask you to take risks with your money.

Our team of lawyers, doctors and supply chain professionals have hands-on experience of delivering medical supplies and services in emergencies.

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